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Welcome to PHPrex, our PHP regular expression testing and visualization tool! PHPrex strives to have a user-friendly interface while remaining simple and straightforward to make testing your regular expressions more enjoyable. Regular expressions can sometimes be extremely frustrating, and we've all experienced that moment when a regex drives us crazy…

With PHPrex, you can ensure that your regex patterns have valid syntax, eliminating common syntax errors that often plague regular expressions. Indeed, the world agrees on the complex and unreadable syntax of regex. Simply input your pattern, and our tester will validate its syntax.

It also allows you to test your regular expressions against strings, so you can see exactly how they match and identify any potential issues.

PHPrex also offers visualization of your regular expression patterns. This visual representation provides a clear understanding of how your pattern works, making it easier to debug and optimize for your specific needs.

And if you need to share your pattern, our tool allows you to export it as a JPG image. This can be useful for sharing on forums (Yes, we still need forums <3).

Why use an online PHP regex tester ?

Although AI technology continues to advance rapidly, online tools for testing and debugging regular expressions remain invaluable. Despite the progress made in AI, it still struggles to handle all the intricacies and edge cases of regular expressions. These online tools provide a reliable and efficient way for developers to validate and troubleshoot their regex patterns. Until AI reaches a level of sophistication capable of fully grasping the complexities of regular expressions, these dedicated tools will continue to play a crucial role in the development process. So, this tool should still be useful for a few more years 🙂