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Welcome to our PHP Tester! With our online platform, you can run PHP code without the need for any installations on your computer. Whether you're coding in PHP 5, 7, or 8, we've got you covered!

Test PHP code querying a MySQL database with PDO by simply clicking the "Example" button to load a code snippet.

To execute your code, simply copy and paste your PHP script into the online editor below, drag and drop a PHP file, or type directly into the editor. Then, hit the "Run" button to see your code in action.

User Guide

How to execute PHP code online:
- Begin by dragging and dropping your PHP script file or directly copy/pasting your PHP text into the editor above.
- Then, simply click on the "Run" button to display the result.

How to share PHP code:
Click on the "Copy permalink" button. A permanent link will then be directly copied to your clipboard.

How to test PHP with MySQL using PDO:
Click on the "Example" button; this will load a PHP code snippet that queries a MySQL database.

PHP Tester Online

Welcome to PHP Code Tester, your web-based tool for testing PHP code directly in your browser. Here, you can easily write, test, execute, and share PHP code. Your code runs securely on our servers and is only temporarily stored for execution (unless you create a permanent link).

This PHP playground is convenient for conducting small code tests online. Additionally, it's perfect for sharing code on a forum.

Our platform supports various PHP versions, including 5.6.40, 7.4.8, and 8.3.6, saving you the hassle of managing multiple PHP installations on your computer to validate execution differences between different versions.

This sandbox allows you to test PHP with MySQL! You can validate your scripts that need to query/interact with a MySQL database.