PHP Code Checker

PHP version for code checker

The PHP checker tool allows you to validate the syntax of your PHP code and identify errors in your script. This tool identifies PHP syntax errors and highlights them, guiding you to the exact line where a syntax error is encountered. With this functionality, you can quickly spot and correct errors, even in extensive scripts, saving time in error detection.

How to find errors in PHP scripts

How to use our PHP code validator to validate your source code:

  1. Copy and paste your code, or alternatively, drag and drop a PHP file, or directly input your code into the provided online PHP editor.
  2. Initiate the syntax verification process by clicking on the "Check PHP Syntax" button.

Top 5 common syntax errors in PHP

Here are the top 5 common syntax errors in PHP:

  1. Missing semicolons at the end of statements.
  2. Forgetting to close parentheses, quotes, or braces.
  3. Incorrect capitalization of keywords, functions, or variables.
  4. Using undefined variables or functions.
  5. Incorrectly formatted array or variable assignments.

PHP error checker

PHP is a widely-used programming language recognized for its flexibility, ease of use, and extensive developer community. While commonly utilized for server-side scripting, PHP also functions as a versatile general-purpose language. It finds extensive application in both academic and industrial settings.

The PHP syntax checker simplifies the process of identifying errors in your code, you can test your PHP code directly in your web browser.

In case of a syntax error, this validator highlights the problematic line and swiftly navigates to it, streamlining the debugging process and eliminating the need for manual line-by-line search, especially daunting for scripts with numerous lines.

API documentation

This API allows to validate PHP code. Please use this API sparingly.

POST{PHP version}

Return a list of syntax errors. PHP versions: 8.3.6, 8.0.0, 7.4.8 or 5.6.40


Your PHP source code


Success: 200

{"code":0,"stdout":"No syntax errors detected in file\n"}

Error: 400

    "code": 255,
    "stdout": "\nParse error: syntax error, unexpected identifier \"cho\" in file on line 3\nErrors parsing file\n"